Memphis Magic Mirror

Memphis Magic Mirror

Our strength is our creativity and ability to turn imagination into reality.
We’ve imagined a world full of smiles and enjoyment all perfectly captured on our innovative photo booth technology.
In this world we create and curate dynamic events that use the best photo booth technology in the Mid-South to capture the infinite range of human emotions.

What We Offer

Memphis Magic Mirror

offers the highest-quality mirror booths, working with individuals and businesses to make their ideas and imaginations reality.

From brand activation's to corporate functions, weddings to parties, let Memphis Magic Mirror take your concept and turn it into all you dreamed of and more.

Why not open yourself up to infinite possibilities?


The perfect icebreaker, the Mirror Photo Booth, gives shy guests a chance to interact and get to know new people as they pose for the camera. While the younger selfie generation will most likely be the first in line to pout, pose and perfect their selfie.


Take the stress out of planning your wedding entertainment by booking our Mirror Photo Booth.


Personalized prints, animated GIFs, a digital gallery with your photos, custom wedding props and a guestbook handed to you at the end of the evening – and you can see why Memphis Magic Mirror is a must have at your wedding.

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